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Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a method for humanely and effectively reducing feral cat populations. The cats are trapped, sterilized and vaccinated, then returned to their home locations where they are fed and monitored by caretakers. New cats are immediately trapped and altered to prevent breeding. The number of cats declines gradually through attrition. TNR is widely accepted as the most effective method for reducing feral cat populations.

TNR is a comprehensive management plan that stabilizes the population by creating non-breeding colonies. TNR eliminates annoying behaviors associated with mating and improves the health of the cats.  Removing feral cats creates a vacuum that is soon filled by new cats who start the breeding process all over again. TNR is less costly than other methods. holding, killing, and disposing of feral cats. TNR is fully funded by caring individuals and groups.

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Humane trapping We loan humane traps and provide trapping information and assistance. Spaying & neutering Our spay/neuter clinic provides affordable spaying, neutering, and wellness care for stray and feral cats. Feral cat care and colony management We provide information and assistance with feeding, sheltering, and problem-solving for feral cat populations. Fostering and socializing feral kittens We provide information and resources for rearing feral kittens and taming them fo