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Placement in a loving home completes the journey for many of the animals that come through our program. We screen applicants to help ensure a successful placement and provide support and education as needed. Please call (707)442-7729 to inquire about our available cats or to fill out an adoption application. 

All of our adoptable cats have been spayed or neutered, treated for fleas and parasites, tested for FIV and leukemia, microchipped and basic health check. The adoption fee is $100, which only covers a portion of these costs. 

gloria armando eddie

Pictured here is our clinic cats- Gloria (front), Armando (right) and Eddie (left). Although they get to roam when the clinic is closed, they would much rather roam around a family home!



Name: Armando
Age: Adult (approx 4 years old)
Notes: Armando originally came to us a few years as a feral cat; he was neutered,ear-tipped and returned. A few years later, he came back to us with a bad injury to his front leg that required bandage changes every other day. This is when we discovered how sweet he was, and that he deserved a loving home with a family! He is very docile with other cats and tolerates being held by kids. We believe he could adjust to any life-style, although we would recommend his as an indoor cat only as he spooks easily outside. He is currently locate at our veterinary clinic, so stop by to meet sweet Armando!


Name: Eddie
Age: Young Adult (approx 1 year old)
Notes: Eddie is another cat that was brought in as a feral with a nasty injury to his head- we believe self-inflicted due to a severe flea allergy. We quickly discovered that all Eddie wanted was love (and scratches!). After months of wound and skin care, he is now ready for adoption! He is a very playful younger guy who wold do best with another playful buddy. Eddie and Gloria (another adoptable cat) have created a very sweet bond, and can be adopted as a pair, but it is not required! He is currently located at our veterinary clinic, so stop by to meet spunky Eddie


Name: Gloria
Age: Young Adult (approx 2 years old)
Notes: Gloria was trapped at a trailer park where she unfortunately helped over-populate with many litters of kittens. She was done caring for so many little ones and was ready to find true love. Although she was brought in a humane trap, her purring and biscuit making gave her away. She is a very good eater, as you can tell, and is a bossy lady that keeps the other clinic cats in check (with just a simple swat). She has bonded with Eddie, and they can be adopted as a pair, but it is not required. She is located at our veterinary clinic, so stop by to meet glorious Gloria. 


Name: Block
Age: Kitten (8 weeks old)
Notes: UPDATE 8/22/19- Block has been transferred to our friends at Sequoia Humane Society. Please inquire with them about adopting Block! Block was a single kitten found as a newborn at a feral colony a volunteer had just finished trapping at. He came into our program around 10 days old, and was bottle-fed around the clock by dedicated volunteers. He is a spunky and curious little kitten that has been raised with 3 large dogs, 4 adult cats and a 3 year old child. He can adapt into an environment and would do best with an active family and another cat to play with. We always recommend adopting kittens in pairs, and he has been raised with another foster kitten, Ariel. Although he loves to play with any new friend he meets. He is currently in a foster home so please call the office at (707)442-7729 to set up a meet and greet!


Name: Ariel
Age: Kitten (12 weeks old)
Notes:UPDATE 8/22/19-Ariel has been transferred to our friends at Sequoia Humane Society. Please inquire with them about adopting Ariel! Ariel was brought in as a feral kitten, but was young enough to be tamed. Although she is still a little shy, she loves to play with the other cats in her foster home (specifically Block) and is constantly carried around by a 3 year old child. She is getting used to life as an indoor cats- she does tend to hide when there is too much activity, but once held and comfortable, she constantly purrs. She would do best with another cat friend, and with a patient family who will give her time to learn what love is. She is currently in a foster home, so please call the office at (707)442-7729 to set up a meet and greet!